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What Makes You Happy?
Back at my grandparents ranch the young girl sat on my soft armchair which rested in the reading room. Unnoticed I watched her gaze into the flame of the candle resting on the coffee table in front of her. Eventually, she felt my presence and looked up from the candle to meet my gaze. "Hi Gabriel." She greeted in a soft voice.
"Hello." I answered back in a friendly tone while setting down a tray with hot chocolate and cookies. "I made a cup for you as well." I said while taking my own and sipping down the warmth. Renee's eyes gave off a light twinkle as she reached out for her mug and thanked me. "No problem. What brings you all the way out here though?" I mean it was mid-winter here in Ireland, not exactly visiting weather.
Renee's violet eyes looked down into her cocoa and then around the room before finally resting on mine. I could feel her battling herself to find the right words. Why did she always have to be so precise with what she says? Sometimes it's just best to just say w
:iconvampyre-neko:Vampyre-neko 2 1
Lone Wolf 2
There once was the lonely wolf
Then one day it became a pack of two
They played
They laughed
They loved
Inseparable were these two
Life was bright
And Free
Every morning and every night
These wolves were never from each other’s sight
Secrets exchanged
Fears shared
Accomplishments celebrated
A part of the others life
A source of bliss and belonging
Never will these two divide
Or so they thought…
What happened…?
As moons past
Ties fade
Never had this happened before
One wolf found another and walked into the night
A pack waiting for them and it felt just right
Alpha they became with a pack to claim
A purpose
A dream come true
But what is lone wolf 2 to do
To the cliff they walk alone
From the peak they look down at their friend
The laughs
The love
The play
All with wolves a new
Any room for me...?
Not likely
So I’ll sit here and howl at the moon…
:iconvampyre-neko:Vampyre-neko 0 0
TwitchTV's BlueSage8 (FINAL PRODUCT) by Vampyre-neko TwitchTV's BlueSage8 (FINAL PRODUCT) :iconvampyre-neko:Vampyre-neko 1 0 TwitchTV's Bluesage8 by Vampyre-neko TwitchTV's Bluesage8 :iconvampyre-neko:Vampyre-neko 2 5
Withered Love
I feel your arm
Wrapped so warm around me
Cuddled in the covers
We're all alone
But those memories are no more
That soft scent
Tickles my nose and warms me
Reminding me of brighter times
I love you
I loved you
I'd love to have still been with you
But the words they sting
Deep into the bones
There's nothing I can do to shake them
What is love?
And why must it hurt?
I feel the heart breaking
The crackling sounds of defeat
As the warm starts to leave me
Was it me?
Was it you?
What could we have done differently?
Should I have lashed my tongue and spoke freely?
Should you have thought before speaking?
We can't live in the past
But the future seems so distant
To many ifs and could bes
They drag us to where we shouldn't
Because nothing good comes from looking back
Unless you take what you see and move forward
Brush off your woes
And shoo away the tears
There's no room for quitters here
:iconvampyre-neko:Vampyre-neko 1 2
Hawt Encounter Kae Renee
The summer sun was shining down bright upon a pair of fuzzy ears as they playfully twitched from the rays while thier owner laid in the green grass of a meadow. Last night was her full moon run and once done she dozed off in the meadow. Though as a gentle breeze come through it slowly woke Kae up from her slumber.
At first she appeared refreshed and relaxed but as she surveyed her surroundings she realized she was extremely lost. “Why do I always manage to wonder to places I’ve NEVER seen before?” She said exasperated while attempting to find at least some part of the school in the distance but no such luck for the kitty. “Just great,” She let out a heavy sigh in displeasure “at least it’s a nice day. Might as well start walking somewhere.” But just as she had got to her feet and began to walk she quickly feel down in pain. Observing her right leg she noticed blood dripping down. (I must have got into a fight last night.) She thought anno
:iconvampyre-neko:Vampyre-neko 0 2
I slip down into despair
An empty space inside me
I glance around but no one is there
Not a single soul to guide me
As there is no room for helping hands
It's a man eat man society
The weak fall prey to the strong
Survival is top priority
Though no one seems to understand
The importance of Humanity
There's no need to always be first
Instead let's focus on Unity
One divine race at each other's throats
And all for a new TV
Such possessions eat away our minds
Drag us into insanity
Then come next year
What do we see
Something Brighter
Something Better
Something Superior
To me...
:iconvampyre-neko:Vampyre-neko 0 5
AHS - Chapter V
Once Renee had left Kae's house she knew she had to keep moving. Had she stopped for even a second she knew she would be running back to that friendly face. I can't! I can't  stop now! Renee's hands clenched as she walked. "There's something out there, I just know it."
Eventually night began to fall and Renee decided not to wander in the dark. She was about to light a fire when she realized she wasn't really cold. Renee checked her arm, face, and legs but everything felt fine. "Maybe the weathers picking up." Renee said hopeful, Mother Nature is giving me a chance to find shelter I suppose. Better not waste time. She thought with a smile as she curled up on the ground. At first it was hard to sleep, she kept feeling that there was something out there. Watching her, waiting until she was vulnerable. Though sleep got the better of her and she finally passed out.
The next morning Renee was startled by a loud whistle, causing her to be wide awake. "A train?" She rais
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AHS - Chapter IV
Renee was no longer herself. Something...primal had awakened within her, it consumed her. It was as if she was trapped. It felt cold and there was nothing around to tell her where she was. Nothing but darkness. "Hello!" She cried out desperately. "Help!"
/Will you HUSH!/ Someone hissed. The sound of the voice surrounded her, /I need to concentrate! Man you're so annoying.../It was a woman. sounded like her? How was that possible? She badly wanted to question the voice but they sounded pretty serious, so Renee sat silently in darkness. Moments had passed and soon she was greeted by the voice again. Only this time they sounded worn.
/It's gone...heh, talk about timing./
"What's gone? What are you talking about? Who are you?"
/Sorry hun, but I don't have time for twenty're energy levels aren't quite strong enough. I think I've completely drained you. But've awoken./ With those last words everything went dark again
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AHS - Chapter III
The sun was barely rising when Renee began to stir from slumber. "C'mon June, You're going to be late!" Kae's voice could be heard clearly across the street.
"If I could just fly it would be ok." June said disappointed.
"Yeah but normal people aren't used to witches flying around on their broomsticks. So off to the woods!" That last phrase had Renee pop up from her spot on the floor and began to make her way out the back of the house. It was slightly exciting to Renee to be sneaking about, plus it took her mind off other things.
"It sucks that Autoburro is so far away. I still have a few weeks of summer before school. It's going to be boring without you." Kae had began once she felt they were a safe distance from civilization.
"I'm sorry Kae, but I don't want to miss Freshman Orientation. I'm so excited! I will finally be in the same school as Kasey." June's eyes went distant and her face reddened as she mentioned the name. "I would take you with me but humans aren't allowed..."
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AHS - Chapter II
Night was settling on the land and Renee's legs began to quake in exhaustion. She had been wondering the forest for hours, wasting an entire day. Finally she decided it pointless to continue blindly any further and started looking around for a comfortable place to rest. I should be far enough from Black Water that no one will find me. She thought confidently. Though, everyone assumes I'm dead so there is no point for them to walk out this far from town. She chuckled at the thought of their fear. Everyone of Black Water was superstitious and it was only a matter of time before they questioned the pale, quiet girl with violet eyes. Renee never understood why she looked the way she did but, when she asked Lorena about it she would just say that Renee should be proud of who she was and that the opinions of others meant nothing. "But their opinions and beliefs are what caused you to die..." Renee said frustrated. She had done nothing wrong from what she could remember. She always did
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AHS - Chapter I
Picking the last of the red berries for Auntie Lor's pie Renee began to head back to her and Lorena Clare's cottage. She had lived with Lorena for fourteen years now and loved Lorena dearly. Though it was odd for her aunt to send her out so late on an errand but, those pies, they were worth the late night adventure.
"Oh I can taste that red berry pie now." Renee had said with a longing sigh, her mouth watering at the thought of her Aunts homemade goods. Though her happy thoughts would be suddenly put to an end.
Once Renee had reached a point to where her house was in view she dropped her berries in horror. Only yards away rested her and her Auntie's home, in shambles. The roof had collapsed and burned wood could clearly be smelled in the air. Renee rushed over and searched the rubble for Lorena.
"Auntie Lor! Auntie Lor, please answer me! Where are you!?" Her calls were cut off by sobs and sniffles as she thought of what she could find.
A soft gurgle of a voice could be he
:iconvampyre-neko:Vampyre-neko 2 8
AHS - Prelude
Author Note: Just as a heads up Renee's last name is "Shay" in this version. However, it is only temporary and the reason behind this will be revealed later on. Renee's life is taking a major change in this newest edition of AHS so please bare with me, it's all a work in progress =)
Furious chanting could be heard throughout the town of Black Water as the townsfolk made their way to Lorena Clare's cottage which rested on the edge of town.  
"We know you're hiding her in there!" Pastor Dale had declared as he pounded on the door with his right hand while holding his torch in the other.
"We just want the demon child! We're not safe with her alive!" A woman had added from behind the man at the door, "You will not be harmed for your kindness Lorena, just step out of the house!" Again there was a pounding on the door form the Pastor and the crowd behind began to yell their demands and words of concern for the house owners safety.
"Quiet!" Pastor Dale had yelled back at the
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Saoirse/Rikka - RPG Character by Vampyre-neko Saoirse/Rikka - RPG Character :iconvampyre-neko:Vampyre-neko 1 9
FTS - Halloween Time
Fall had once again made its way to the steps of Autoburro High. The ground was surrounded by oranges, reds, and yellows as Sam stumbled upon his friends at the lunch table that morning. "So it's getting about that time for Halloween right?" The otter said with a grin as he sat down with his lunch tray.
"Oh yeah you're right. I guess living with all this supernatural stuff kind of makes you lose excitement." Renee laughed.
"Oh," Sam said a bit disappointed by her response, "yeah I guess so..."
"Oh hey speaking of Halloween, do they celebrate that 'down undah'?" Kaelita asked playfully. Sam shook his head.
"It's not a very popular thing in Australia, it's more of an American holiday."
"What?!" Renee and June piped in, "We should do something special then since it's your first time!" June continued franticly and Renee nodded furiously in agreement,
"That's right we'll scare the bejeezus outta you!" Sam scooted away a bit thrown off by the quick change in attitude.
"That's fine guys, you
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Kaelita - First Date by Vampyre-neko Kaelita - First Date :iconvampyre-neko:Vampyre-neko 3 17


Forgive and Forget by Zombiesmile Forgive and Forget :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 9,904 561 Adventure Time Comic Cover by Pocketowl Adventure Time Comic Cover :iconpocketowl:Pocketowl 9,509 416 Raven and Beast Boy by Picolo-kun Raven and Beast Boy :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 12,665 392 Moth and the Flame 1 by StressedJenny Moth and the Flame 1 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 12,348 732 Romani Life [Esmeralda Genderbend] by SorceressDream Romani Life [Esmeralda Genderbend] :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 10,646 774 Internet University Cast by elontirien Internet University Cast :iconelontirien:elontirien 11,422 1,719 Bad Day by Zombiesmile Bad Day :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 15,438 1,426 Tall Friends by Zombiesmile Tall Friends :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 15,755 1,060 Anger A Kitteh by trenchmaker Anger A Kitteh :icontrenchmaker:trenchmaker 15,524 874 ADVENTURE TIME by Traptastic ADVENTURE TIME :icontraptastic:Traptastic 14,094 622 the last of us....heh by nebezial the last of us....heh :iconnebezial:nebezial 14,178 737 Welcome to Rio by chacckco Welcome to Rio :iconchacckco:chacckco 2,566 123 My world of Fantasy by Naschi My world of Fantasy :iconnaschi:Naschi 9,317 368 WIP - Werewolf Fight 8 by chenneoue WIP - Werewolf Fight 8 :iconchenneoue:chenneoue 23 2 Toph by sakimichan Toph :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 18,405 446 yellow by Apofiss yellow :iconapofiss:Apofiss 4,676 125


Hey guys! 

It's been a while since I've done a journel or ANY kind of activity on here I am lol. I hope you all have been well for whoever reads this and that we are all having some nice weather :3

Lets move on now shall we, UPDATES!

For anyone I haven't told yet, I am going to school for Business with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Grade wise I'm actually pretty on top of things. It's not the campus life I always dreamed of because its an online school but they do offer a few blended (classroom) classes which I really like :) Aside from that there's not much to say. I have two weeks left for this term and then I get a 1 week break before the next term starts. 

This'll be a fast one lol I am STILL unemployed -.- been sending applications here and there and maybe I will get someone who wants me xD As a fall back I've been told I should hop on the Twitch train to try and make a few bucks. that or sell some knitting works lol either way...its a uphill battle xD

Mmmm well what can I say about this. It's actually getting better. There are some changes I am getting use to but little things here and there are keeping me going :) I feel I have lost a few people but at the same time I've strengthened other relationships and some old ones that fell apart are actually coming together again. So maybe the end of this year will have a happy ending ^-^ A lots changing and I know not all of it's bad.

OMG I completely forgot to bring up what the Title talks about LMAO!!! I have a few things in my flashdrive and was thinking...should I post them? I may anyways without waiting for answers but I was curious on ya'lls opinions. I know I have one short story between Gabriel and Renee - they are from two different worlds but I needed to have them interact to let our my own emotions one day and idk I think it was pretty nice lol.


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